Our Program

Our program is the most effective and sought after learning program available. In reviewing tens of thousands of previous students we find that each course module is typically opened one or two times. We do not allow sharing of student accounts and for piracy protection reasons the system restricts users to a total of five opening per module. Students should not buy our program if they need or desire additional access then this amount. Unlimited or unrestricted access is never granted to any user for any portion of our learning program.

No problem. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have about the material and give you personal guidance. Questions about the exam? License requirements? Material covered in the program? We’ve got you covered! Call our office Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST with any questions you have.

Money, yes; Time, no.

The highlighting process is crucial to passing the exam. The physical act of highlighting the material, listening to the passage being explained to you, and then practicing answering questions that relate to that material all contribute to your ability to answer questions quickly and efficiently on exam day. Students who do not engage in the highlighting review put themselves at a serious disadvantage.

That being said, we have an extremely successful rental book program that can save you money. It is highly recommended that you do not skip over the exam review if you choose to rent your books. Students who rent and return books within 4 months of purchase are eligible to receive a return deposit of $525.

Well if you were going to another school… yes, probably. But with ContractorClasses there are no hidden fees, no reasons to take a cram class, and definitely no required workbooks or webinars. Our program is comprehensive, meaning when you buy our complete learning program it includes everything you need to pass the exam. Nothing additional is required.

Our exclusive Learning Program consists of four time-tested modules that will fully prepare you to pass your examination.

Exam Review & Highlighting Guide

This module consists of narrated video lectures that will walk you through each book and review the concepts you need to understand, as well as the problem-solving techniques you should master to ace the math questions on your test. These videos will pinpoint the paragraphs and formulas you should highlight and pages you should tab for quickly locating answers.

Interactive Study Questions

The Study Question module is an extremely powerful tool! Each question in our learning program is worded very similarly to actual exam questions, allowing you to become familiar with how the state can pose questions. Each question also features a “Detailed Explanation”, which will show you what key words to look up in the index, where to look in the table of contents, as well as the page number and paragraph containing the answer. For estimating and math questions there are also video “Solution Presentations” that will show you how to work through each problem and give you helpful tips on deriving the correct answer quickly.

Flash Card Review

This component of our learning program is designed to develop and hone your search procedures to increase your speed and accuracy in answering exam questions. Each question features a “Hint” button you can use to sharpen your skill level in picking out key words and other search procedures. It is designed to pinpoint your areas of weakness and strengthen your skills in those areas.

Randomly-Generated Practice Exams

Our randomly-generated exams are based on the same content criteria the state uses to compile the real tests. It will look and feel like the real exam and time you based on the exam you’re taking. These exams are incredibly valuable to students because they generate a “Performance Assessment” at the end, which graphs your performance and shows you which areas you need to improve on in regard to both speed and accuracy. This state-of-the-art tool allows our students to systematically review & master the required information until they achieve the score they want. Sign up for a free demo to see how our learning program works: FREE DEMO

We support every student and allow access to our (Learning Program) by the original purchaser for six months from the date of order. This timeline corresponds with the typical time blocks the State uses to specify Exam Reference Books. Students should NOT buy books or learning material if they are not able to prepare for and complete their exams in the near future or definitely within this six month time frame. The book versions change and the information on the exams change.

Yes. We definitely encourage you (try before you buy) and we allow you to experience a fully functional demo. We would also worn students to be highly skeptical of any school which does not allow you to do the same or simply shows you a small sample of what they are offering you. To view a fully functional demo, please click here.
If you follow our proven teaching methods you can prepare for the exam on your schedule, at your pace, and using the best in interactive e-learning technology. Want to know more? Watch the Video.