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If you’re wondering what the test experience is like for most folks, let me paint a picture for you. Most people will read a question and then start digging through book after book, aimlessly yet manically searching for the answer. It’s not pretty. Our students are armed with a different approach altogether! Thanks to our Interactive Flash Card series for Business & Finance, you will be able to pick out key words from the question and efficiently use your Quick-Location Tabs, indexes, and tables of contents to quickly locate the correct page with the answer. You will be so familiar with the search procedures and book topics you’ll be able to find answers to questions that haven’t even been written yet!

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Business & Finance


Air Conditioning Contractor, Building Contractor, General Contractor, Marine Specialty Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Plumbing Contractor, Pollutant Storage Contractor, Pool / Spa Contractor, Residential Contractor, Roofing Contractor, Sheet Metal Contractor, Solar Contractor, Specialty Structure Contractor, Utility & Excavation Contractor


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