Practice Exams (Contract Administration)

Practice Exams (Contract Administration)


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Do you love preparing cost-estimates, interpreting contracts, flexing your knowledge of lien law, wowing co-workers with your proficiency of permits and inspections? Don’t worry you don’t need to be geek-certified to pass this exam, but you do need familiarity with your exam books, exposure to the way questions are posed, and a realistic idea of how accurately and quickly you can find the answers.

Our Randomly-Generated Practice Exams are the ideal tool for determining how you will perform on the actual state exam and pinpointing which areas you need to brush up on to successfully pass on the first try. The system will track both your speed and your accuracy in answering questions, and then graph your performance so you can easily pinpoint which areas you need to focus and improve on. The next time you launch a test, a new set of questions from our pool will be generated, based on the same areas of content the state uses to compile the real exam. Plus, we’ll keep track of all your scores so you can actually see your improvement as you go. This effective tool gives our students a systematic approach to review & master the exam material and increase their overall scores.

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Trade Knowledge


Building Contractor, General Contractor, Residential Contractor


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