Flash Cards (Contract Administration)

Flash Cards (Contract Administration)


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Imagine how you would look if you accidentally threw away a winning lottery ticket and you were frantically searching through the trash can looking for it. Can you picture it? Now, instead of a trash can replace it with 16 bulky reference books, and instead of a lottery ticket you’re looking for a specific phrase or paragraph in those books. This is how most students look during the exam, it’s a little scary. Would you rather look calm, cool and collected, skillfully identifying key words and finding answers with ease and confidence? It’s an amazing difference that Contractor Classes students can see and appreciate in the exam room.

This test is all about managing and operating the day to day activities of a contracting firm, including pre-construction activities, project contracts, obtaining licenses, permits and approval, and construction procedures and operations. Thanks to our Interactive Flash Card series for Contract Administration, you will be able to pick out key words from the question and efficiently use your Quick-Location Tabs, indexes, and tables of contents to easily locate the correct page and paragraph quickly. You will be so familiar with the search procedures and book topics you’ll amaze the poor fool’s that went to a different school.

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Building Contractor, General Contractor, Residential Contractor


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