Study Questions (Trade Knowledge)

Study Questions (Trade Knowledge)


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This is an open book test, which means it’s going to be super easy and you don’t even need to study, right?!? WRONG! The trade knowledge exams for General, Builder and Residential licenses were specifically designed by professional test-writers to have a super low pass rate. How low? Around 50% for first time test takers! Questions can be pulled from any one of your 16 reference books, from cover to cover, including illustrations, tables and footnotes, which is roughly 8000 pages of material to sift through. During your exams you will only have around 3 to 4 minutes to answer each question, which means you need to be familiar with the types of questions you will be asked, and the most efficient way to find and solve the answer. That’s where we come in!

You’ll be happy to know that our staff’s obsession with accuracy and affinity for test-taking has allowed us to develop the most up to-date pool of Study Questions in Florida. The even better news is that our questions are not only substantially similar to the state exam; they’re also designed with custom features to help you master the material. These include hints, detailed explanations, and how-to videos that walk you tough estimating problems step-by-step!

These tools will teach you how to work through each type of problem and locate answers to each and every question on your exam. If you do not fully understand the material, you are welcome to contact us, and one of our helpful instructors will be happy to review or explain any concepts you’re struggling with.

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